Abraham Lincoln and Fido (2/20)

Abraham Lincoln and his family had a dog named Fido while they lived in Springfield, Illinois. Fido was born around 1855 and lived with the Lincolns for 5 years. Fido followed Lincoln in the streets of his town, carrying stuff like the newspaper for his owner. The dog’s breed is not certain, but with it’s mustard color it resembles a retriever/shepherd mix. It was a full fledged member of the family being an inside dog, even claiming the horsehair sofa for his own. FIdo didn’t go to Washington with Abraham Lincoln after his election to the presidency. Lincoln noticed that Fido was afraid of the canon blasts and trains. With great sorrow he gave Fido to a local family with the stipulation that it be an indoor dog, given special treats etc, because he thought Fido wouldn’t survive the trip.

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